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Happy 2015 to everyone!

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Toni Williamson

 Happy 2015 to everyone!   I hope this year is a positive and prosperous for you.

It’s been a while since I have written from the big Metropolis of Duxbury.  I will try to write more often.

Joe from the Duxbury Store is not doing very well.  We ask everyone to send prayers and love.  The store is still open, so stop in for their great food.  Brian and his lovely wife Carol are here from California helping Joe and Gary out.

Also, it’s coming up to election time for townships.  In Wilma Township one supervisor and the treasurer are up for election.  If interested you must file by Tuesday, January 13, 2015.  For more details, visit WilmaTownship.com.

Well there has been a flurry of activity at the Old School Art Center, also called OSAC.

We said goodbye to Fran Levings-Baker as Director.  There was a small gathering recently to show appreciation for all of her hard work.  Fran will stay on in charge of volunteers.

As you may know, the Art Center was relocated to a different area of the building for several months, but still continued to show the beautiful art and had several events.  GOOD NEWS! The Art Center is moving back to the Main Gallery!!!

On January 3rd and 4th several Board members, and volunteers came together to repaint the gallery in preparation for the re-opening.  It was a fun gathering and even though it was lots of work, there was laughter and we now have our beautiful Gallery back and even warmer!

The first exhibit of 2015 will be held on Friday, January 16th from 7-9pm and the Featured Artist is Judy Bergerson.  She has a collection of beautiful collages.  This event is FREE and refreshments will be served, so bring your family and enjoy Judy’s work as well other new and current art.  The OSAC  is located at 214 Eagle Drive, in Sandstone MN.

OSAC welcomes art from new artists and if you would like to display your artwork please bring it to OSAC on either January 10th or 11th between 11am and 4pm.

If you have any information or events you would like listed, please call me at 320-245-5194 or email me at ofni.1422320473sweNy1422320473rubxu1422320473D@ino1422320473T1422320473.

Thanks for reading.

Hope your holidays were the best

Greetings. Hope your holidays were the best. I, personally, am glad to be on this side of them. I have an extra 6 pounds now, so no need to discuss ‘resolutions.’

Our son, Todd, and his family, Eden Prairie, enjoyed New Year’s Eve at the Scott Oswald residence where a huge pot luck meal was enjoyed by them and several neighbors all from Pine Lake.

Gary and I headed to the metro area for New Year’s Eve and attended a lobster dinner at the home of Tiffany and Thomas Farr. Joining us were Tom’s cousins, the John and Lynn Farr family, all of Eden Prairie.

Saturday afternoon, before the temperatures dipped, Gary headed back out to Pine Lake to wet a line and try his luck at fishing with Todd, and grandson’s Hunter and Tristan. This time Gary got skunked. A few fish were caught, but no one is bragging.

Oh, “baby, its cold out there.” Sunday’s 11 below zero is now no big deal, when today it was minus 19 when I headed out the door. But, seriously, it’s the wind chill we feel, so that has been minus 25 and colder. I think winter has officially set in, and I am not a lover of freezing cold. I even wear heated gloves, and still have freezing fingers.

You might ask yourself what makes this different at the ranch from temperatures hovering around zero. Well our horses have free access to go in and out of their barn and stalls, day or night. Our big guy named King is a bit of a “Felix Unger” character, keeping their side fairly clean by making his brother, Prince, relieve himself outside. A surprising character trait of King’s that I have always been fond of since cleaning the barn is a breeze when their side is never a lot of work. Through the years it has become an unspoken understanding, as long as the doors are open, they head outside when they feel the urge.

But things can change. For instance when wolves or coyotes are heard howling close by, they all stay inside. This week, when temperatures dropped into double digits below zero, and wind chills -25 and colder, King’s rule went out the door instead of the horses. Not only ignored, but to make their point-I found a pile of frozen horse apples right at the doorway. It was abundantly clear they weren’t going out at night anymore, below zero was their limit. As a result I started closing them in for the night, and they seem very happy. Come spring I am hoping Oscar Madison’s, ah…I mean, Prince’s behavior doesn’t win out, I’ll be cheering for the “Felix rule” to be reinstated.

Well, back to searching online for that illusive cheap farm property in Florida, and another blanket to wrap up in. Stay warm.

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