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You know you’re getting older – Duxbury News by Toni

At Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC

At Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC

You know you’re getting older when you’re sitting in a local nightclub and someone in their 30’s says: “Pardon, us, I hope we are not too loud for you older guys!”  That happened to us, last night.   I guess, it happens to many of us, especially when you have children in your 30’s too.

Glen and I got married really young.  I was 18 and he was 19.  One of the things we decided on was that life was really short and that we need to see the world.  So, we decided to travel to at least one place in the world that we’ve never been to each year.  Because of our interests, we have been able to do it most years..  We are now in our mid 50’s.  Since our late teens, we have travelled to several countries.  Some of the countries, we’ve been to are: Iceland, France, England, Holland, the island of Bali, Canada, Guam, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Egypt.  We have been to many states, including Hawaii (BTW: this is over a 38 year period – we didn’t do them all in a year or travel to these places every year).  We’ve not been to Washington or Oregon and most of the Northeast, like New York, Maine, etc.  Hopefully, if it’s God’s will, we’ll be able to get to those states.

As, I type now, my hubby and I are in Washington, D.C.  Yup, the capital of this grand ole USA.  We visited the White House, Capitol Building, Internal Revenue Service Building, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and many more.  It’s too much to list here.  However, we’ll need to come back to see more. There is so much history here. Would you like to join us for a trip next winter to DC, or some other place?  If so, drop us a note at ofni.1427731824sweny1427731824rubxu1427731824d@ino1427731824t1427731824.

I have met so many people locally who have never travelled, even outside of Minnesota. They have given me many reasons why, from it’s too expensive to they have no interest to do so, and everything in between.  How can you understand the world, if you haven’t experienced it?  When you travel, you gain so much insight into other cultures, people’s lives and it broadens your life experience and enriches more than words can explain.

First and foremost, yes, some trips are expensive – we just don’t go on those.  We travel within our means.  Instead of going on a five-star vacation, we’ll do a three star. For example, we are staying now in Bethesda, Maryland, about 10 miles from the capital.  It’s a lot cheaper to stay here rather than in the District (that’s what locals call it … the District).  The other advantage of staying where we are is that we are with the “locals.”  We are just a couple blocks from residential homes; the facilities, we visit, i.e. the restaurants are where the local residents go.  So, when you visit, you get to meet people who live in the area.  You get to feel the vibes of the area, something you cannot get when you’re staying in a fancy pants area with just tourists.

It’s not that expensive, when you set your priorities – if you make traveling a priority, it can work out.  We don’t have a lot of money and are struggling like many of you. But tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.  How can we understand or know the world when you’ve never been there?  It’s not always what you see on the television.  Our dream is to travel with YOU from this community to some place, even somewhere in the states.  Have you ever been to Alaska?  We haven’t either! Where else do YOU want to go to? Wanna come with us next Fall or Winter?  Sorry, but because of our work, we cannot travel during the Spring or Summer months. This travel update comes from a lady that HATES to fly.  Glen’s leg is usually numb by the end of the flight from me gripping it, even during the tiniest of turbulence.

Well, we had our elections last week in Wilma Township and Mike McCullen was re-elected a township supervisor and Patrice Winfield was re-elected township treasurer. Congratulations to them both.

On Monday, April 6, the township will be having the Board of Appeal and Equalization. This will take place at 1pm at the Wilma Town Hall.   County Assessor Kelly Schroeder and Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster will attend.  This is your chance to ask question regarding your property taxes and ask for adjustments.

Well, that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading!

The Farmer’s Almanac suggested this winter would be like

Duxbury News
Toni Williamson


Hello! I hope you are enjoying the current climate. The Farmer’s Almanac suggested this winter would be like the last one. Let’s hope they continue to be wrong on the temperature part. We don’t need -30 degrees, but we could use some more snow.

The Old School Art Center’s Opening was fantastic. About 120 to 150 people came through the gallery and saw the beautiful collages of Judy Bergerson as well as the many other artists. We had great music from the Procrastinators and Johnny Fingers, delicious snacks and refreshments. Being back in the main gallery was a joy and the atmosphere was happy and celebratory. Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate north woods art.

Keep looking for more showings. There are great things coming and I will keep you posted.

About 100 people gathered to celebrate the union of Micki Johnson (Joe Vink’s daughter) and David Simecek on January 17th at the New Life Church in Aitkin, MN. The bride looked lovely and it was great to have Joe out and about as he walked her down the aisle. Joe’s son Brian and his girlfriend Carol were also in attendance at this lovely ceremony.

The Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department is currently participating in Firefighter One training. They also have a new station and two new fire trucks. This is a very important thing for our community and they are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested contact me and I will put you in touch with them.

One of our new residents Sara and her husband Ben Glocke have a great farm and many other interesting items here in town. If you would like to see it, go to DuxburyFarmGirl.com and see the beautiful pictures.

If you have any information or events you would like listed, please c
all me at 320-245-5194 or email me at ofni.1427731824sweNy1427731824rubxu1427731824D@ino1427731824T1427731824.

Thanks for reading.

Glen from Duxbury

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