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Finlayson News
Maxine Meyer

Greetings everyone.

We had a grand Thanksgiving with both kids and their respective family members all attending at one point or another.

Scott Oswald, his daughter McKenzie, and McKenzie’s friend from San Diego, all dropped by on Friday and headed straight to the barn to greet the horses. All four horses came running to greet their guests and they got a chance to indulge on a few treats. Scott and McKenzie came from their place on Pine Lake.

Friday evening, Dick Gillispie, Pequot Lake, stopped in for a quick visit. He is looking well, and was telling us about a recent trip he and a sister took to Georgia. In fact, they returned just in time to be seated at the Thanksgiving table of his sister’s family in Nebraska.

The week before Thanksgiving, Gary and I visited the Scott Oswald family along with our son and his family. We celebrated their neighbor’s retirement with a great fish fry. What a terrific feed we got to enjoy at their lovely log cabin home.

This past Saturday, Gary and I attended Aiden Halonen’s 2nd birthday party. His grandma Janet Halonen, and his mother, Jessie, hosted the party. We enjoyed good food and birthday cake and then little Aiden dove into opening his gifts and had a great time the way it looked.

Helen Vik, 83, Anchorage, Alaska, returned home from her 11 day trip to the Holyland last week. She called her sister Dianne Noska of Browerville, and said it was an awe-inspiring trip. Flying 27 hours one way to get home took her a few days to recover from though. Helen’s husband, Gene, 85, left shortly after her return for his deer hunting trip up in Kodiak. These folks do stay active.

Well, we are down to just days before Christmas now. There will be programs to attend, parties to enjoy, and cards, candy and cookies to prepare. Not to mention the decorating if you haven’t done that already, and the shopping. Enjoy the season, and stay warm.

BORDERLINE NEWS – by Bob Brewster

BORDERLINE NEWS – by Bob Brewster

Guest speaker Mike Schaaf from Danbury gave an excellent presentation about rocks at the November meeting of the East Pine County Wanderers.  Mike and his wife Ella have the Stone Hinge Rock Shop on Lake 26 Road near Danbury, in Wisconsin.  They presented rocks from Wisconsin, Montana, Utah, other parts of the U.S., and also from Thunder Bay Canada. They had found all of the rocks themselves.  A mammoth tooth and dinosaur dung were part of their display.  Mike and Ella always have a booth at the Moose Lake rock show each summer.

Evelyn Johnson from Sandstone brought the birthday cake and door prize.  The prize was two snowperson statues and two Santa towels.  Jeanne Larsen won them.  Sandi Drake was the only November birthday person this month.

On Monday December 1st, the Minnesota DNR will hold a meeting at the Town Hall in Duxbury at 7 PM, in order to present some information, and also gather public input about the use of herbicides as a pest management tool on State lands.  The St Croix State Forest and the Nemadji State Forest both occupy a considerable portion of the property in townships out here like New Dosey, Arna, Wilma, Park, and some others.  Likewise, Southern Pine County also has the Chengwatana State Forest.

This meeting is important to all of us, but is probably of special interest to those who harvest and eat venison, grouse, fish, blackberries, blueberries, and so forth, as well as to those who use State lands for 4-wheeling, horseback riding, camping, and many other such purposes.  Borderliners in Wisconsin may also like to attend.

Oy veh, the weather.  We’re just not going to go there.  Have a happy Thanksgiving get together this year.

Finlayson News – It sure looks like it outside

Greetings everyone.

Welcome to the beginning of the holiday season. It sure looks like it outside, too. I hear warmer temperatures will come, but our snow is most likely here for the duration of this winter. We are so fortunate to not have lake-affect snow like Buffalo, New York. Six feet of snow is way too much.

We live in a wonderful country, one that sets aside a holiday to give thanks. Each year we have notable differences to be thankful for, this year is no exception. But the other day I was thinking about Thanksgivings past. In our early years of marriage we celebrated them off and on with my family and Gary’s family, trying to balance holidays’ back and forth. No matter where, this day has always been a big sit-down meal with all the bells and whistles, with family and extended family. Since I am such a big fan of eating, and visiting, that makes this holiday an all-time favorite.

In my reflections, I was remembering the miles Gary and I used to drive to Grandma Meyer’s house. Arriving with the little ones, and streaming into the house where those wonderful smells of a baked turkey greeted you at the door. The house would be packed with aunts, uncles, cousins and you could barely make your way through to put your coats on the bed. After the huge meal, the men pulled out card tables and there were sets of four sitting everywhere playing whatever that table chose. Gary’s family loved cards, and games spontaneously began as if they never ended the year before with revenge matches being scored.

As years passed, the players became less and less, and football games became the focus on a television. The choice of a dull football game on television meant that instead of lively exchanges, you were more apt hear the tryptophan side effect of snoring.

This one Thanksgiving came to mind, where we traveled to southern Minnesota to be with the Meyer clan, and when we burst into Grandma’s house, there were no smells greeting us. The house looked ready for the big gathering with the table set, but no food. It turned out that Grandma had a little problem with her calendar and prepared the feast for the day before.

We all had a laugh as we pulled the dinner out of the refrigerator and began reheating and serving.
We all were happy that Granny had it prepared for the day before because if she had thought it was a day later, we may have had an eggs and bacon dinner. And, we probably would have had to go house to house borrowing eggs and bacon since no stores or gas stations were even open on holidays back then.

We’ll be cooking a turkey this year, and making some of our favorite dishes. A few family members will drive up and we will carry on the tradition of turkey smells greeting folks at the door. After some over-eating, maybe a card game will pop up at the table after we clear the dishes, and a football game has been chosen on the television. Whether you have eggs and bacon or a turkey, I hope you have a good one, and don’t forget to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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