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BORDERLINE NEWS – by Bob Brewster

BORDERLINE NEWS – by Bob Brewster

If you’re wondering at the lack of news lately, it seems that Borderliners are just too busy scurrying about diligently getting ready for the coming winter.  As they say, all work and no play, so get out and get some gusto before the snow flies.  There will be a concert at the Old School Arts Center this Friday night at 7 PM featuring the Bill Taylor Saxophone Quartet from Moose Lake.  The cover charge is $10.00, and refreshments are available.  See you there.  By the way, also, don’t forget to get out and vote next week. As a reminder, the Arna Planning Commission is going to meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM at the Arna Town Hall, as they work their way forward toward the development of a new zoning ordinance.

As always, public participation is very important for a well-written ordinance that people can both understand and live with.  The plan is to have a new ordinance finalized and ready for the 2015 construction season.  The tentative schedule is that the November meeting will focus on the subject of nuisances and hazards, the December meeting will focus on the subdivision of land and appropriate minimum parcel size, and the January meeting will focus on the hodgepodge of any and all other issues that may come up.  At least one public hearing will be held in February, and hopefully, a final version will be available for consideration by the Arna Town Board in March or April.

I have been enjoying the great outdoors

Finlayson News
Maxine Meyer


I have been enjoying the great outdoors so much lately with these great sunny and beautiful days. I vote this the best fall, ever. Too bad I haven’t taken advantage of these nice days to get my windows washed. Hopefully I will get another chance.

I headed down to the Twin Cities last Saturday and attended the baby shower for niece Cassie Booth. She is expecting her first child in the next couple of weeks. She got lots of nice baby girl gifts from the crowd of family and friends who came to Apple Valley’s Rascal’s to help celebrate the occasion. Cassie is the daughter of Tammy and Dennis Mecl, Apple Valley.

A surprise guest during the baby shower was Cassie’s brother, Chase Malkow.  Chase has been serving in the Marine Corp for the past couple years in California.

Last Friday, our son, Todd, and grandson, Tristan, Eden Prairie, arrived to put up a couple of super nice deer hunting stands. Both are enclosed, windows that lift up, and carpet to keep the noise level down. One is for his wife, Jacquie, and the other is for Gary. Now they will both be ready for those gales of November. Everyone is getting excited for hunting this year, but we sure haven’t seen any deer for quite some time.

Condolences to my sister-in-law, Tammy Mecl. Her father, Jerry Hagberg, Cottage Grove, passed away unexpectedly last week.

I have been trying to spend a little more time with our team, King and Prince, exercising them and practicing commands. And, since they have pretty much chewed their pastures down to the roots, they get rewarded with a short grazing of grass outside their pasture. I swear they have “ESP” when it comes time to start because they are waiting in the barn, right where I need them.

There has been only one glitch working with the team. When I hook up the first horse and try to make it out the door, I get what my mother used to call: “the bum’s rush.” As I walked King through the service doorway, he stops and holds it with his back end, waiting for the second one to begin stepping through behind him. They always come up with something to surprise me. The fact that they understand a swinging door needs to be held open has apparently not gone without notice

Well folks, this is the Halloween weekend. We hope the little ghosts and goblins have a safe and fun time.

It was Wednesday this past week

Finlayson News
Maxine Meyer

Greetings to everyone. It was Wednesday this past week when Gary was able to return home from the Twin Cities. It was a long haul for Gary with his month long hospital stay at St. Mary’s in Duluth and then another month long stay at the University of Minnesota Hospital. Another two weeks he was kept close to the hospital for tracking progress and then they finally released him to go home. When he arrived, his horse Duke couldn’t wait to see him and ran to stand close to him. Once inside the barn, King kept shaking his head “yes” as Gary made his way around to pet them all. It looked like there was general approval that he was finally home and in good health.

Saturday, Gary and I attended the very nice memorial service for Eleanor Prokop.

Later on Saturday our daughter Tiffany Meyer, arrived. On Sunday, Todd drove up and visited for the day. Both are from Eden Prairie.

The snow was still a foot deep on Wednesday at noon. The reason I know is that I casually opened a gate to let the two Arabian horses out to exercise, when I noticed a 2nd gate was open half way down on the side. I began trudging through the foot deep snow to close it, just that quick I noticed Duke coming out of the barn and picking up speed. He had to first scamper over a lane of packed ice then he turned the corner and headed into the snow covered field. Even though I had a good head start, I barely reached the gate in time to close it. The race I had just won had me exhausted, but it really gave me a chuckle when Duke hung over the closed gate and gave a deep sigh of disgust. It is always better on the other side of a closed gate I suspect.

By Friday, we had the three days of warm temepratures and the snow I had ran through on Wednesday was almost completely gone from the field.

The April 15th tax deadline was just this week. Although we got our taxes done early this year, our daughter and her fiance were scrambling to get their taxes done this past weekend. Friday is my sister Roxane Mecl’s birthday. Then Saturday I am expecting a guest who is returning to Duluth from participating in a marathon in Minneapolis. The Easter holiday is this Sunday, a few days later its my brother Dennis Mecl’s birthday, and the day after that is one of my grandson’s birthday. This is one busy month for the Meyer/Mecl clan.

Hope you all have a happy Easter.

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